Hoggard International

International Market Entry and Business Development



Hiring Hoggard International allows companies to immediately add a trusted and confidential network of valuable and experienced personnel to its professional team. Hoggard International acts independently within these markets through its own extensive array of contacts and personnel. This allows clients to maximize their efforts, impact and reach while being assured of a professional, experienced, culturally aware and confidential approach.


In order to succeed internationally, companies must be prepared and aware of the difficulties and the commitment required to develop these new markets. Entering international markets is more than just selling products it is a process of developing relationships and trust. With its years of experience and due diligence, Hoggard International has developed these critical success factors and provides them to our clients.


Operating as an addition to your in-house personnel or as your only source of information and market development, our team ensures your company understands and manages the issues, and the work and benchmarks required for success.

Our experience in researching, defining, educating, establishing relationship and internally equipping your company in terms of its management and its personnel's awareness of international business and the markets saves time and money. The services offered by Hoggard International reduce your level of uncertainty and the risk associated with pursuing and entering foreign markets.


Hoggard International has developed strong affiliations and networks with numerous international specialists throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. This network is comprised of management, marketing and sales professionals, PR and HR specialists, lawyers, and accountants. These members of the extensive network are trust worthy and work with us to ensure the client receives the best possible service and support.


Your company enjoys the benefits of having this team of seasoned and experienced professionals working for you delivering:

·       Confidentiality in all business dealings

·       Education and improve knowledge and skills for your Company’s personnel

·       Third party objectivity

·       Skilled professional people

·       No expensive long-term administrative overhead or training

·       Comfort knowing your concerns and business are being pursued and protected

·       Extensive network of contacts including elderly statesman, Corporate Chairman, senior business people and government officials

An in-house cultural and international marketing training program recognized by the several Universities

Seasoned people with more than 100 trade missions and numerous market entry strategies

Your ability to have input and be an integral part of the international marketing experience.

This makes the Hoggard International team the right choice to assist your Company in its global business pursuits.