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Business Introductions

International business requires time, resources, patience and skill when searching for the best qualified business trade partners to boost export sales and achieve your goals and objectives. A key to this success is to understand the process, but it does not end there. A company must recognize the business opportunities and take the initiative to capitalize on it.


That is the power of Hoggard International's worldwide professional network. Our team is experienced at discovering and vetting distributors, sales agents, joint venture partners or other potential business partners. From this pre-qualified group you can meet and make your own business decisions based on who it is you wish to do business with.


Our introductions originate from Hoggard International's extensive network of contacts developed during the last 27 years. These include elderly statesmen, Corporate Chairmen, senior business people and government officials throughout Europe and Asia. Hoggard International's success at finding and introducing business partners is built on the numerous personal and business relationships that act exponentially as one relationship leads to many more.

As an example, one of Hoggard International's European clients, interested in Singapore and Southeast Asia, retained Hoggard International to research and assist it with entering the market. Within 24 hours a meeting in Singapore had been arranged, followed by a meeting with the Singaporean Company in Singapore. From this a market test for the product was secured. The entire process, completed in less than four weeks, was something the European company had been unable to achieve over the previous 18 months. This success has been replicated numerous times during the past 27 years.


Our continued success is a result of screening our clients prior to engaging them and in pre-qualifying the potential foreign business partners before introducing them. This ensures the people we work with and recommended in any country are committed to international business and are prepared to invest the time and energy in the venture.


To discuss your Company's ability to utilize the introductory service contact Bruce Hoggard at bruce@hoggardinternational.com