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Business and Cultural Training 

Development of international markets requires a substantial amount of time, energy and money. It is crucial people travelling to do business have an understanding of what is expected and how they should act and interact in the new country and culture. Learning about the country, its business, history and culture impresses local people and earns respect and cooperation, while avoiding cultural mistakes that can instantly destroy the opportunity.


As a union representative from one of Saskatchewan's larger corporations stated, "It (the Japanese Country Seminar) was the best money management ever spent as we now understand and appreciate why certain things need to done when foreign visitors arrive."


Both management and staff should attend Hoggard International’s three-day seminar covering the various countries within Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. This prepares the Company to conduct business with ease and confidence within the market. Based on information provided by independent Government sources, the costs of an executive failing, because of not being properly prepared, can range from between US$55.000 to US$400.000. Therefore, one untrained, unfeeling individual on a business trip can quickly destroy any relationship and thus the business opportunities.


The seminars are a combination of lectures, videos, interaction, role-playing and case study reviews. The importance of the entire staff understanding the cultural differences cannot be stressed enough if the company is to be successful in its global pursuits. These informative and practical seminars prepare business people and, when required, accompanying spouses and children to work and live in the new culture. The seminars are offered in house and as such can be modified to meet your Company's specific needs and requirements. The seminars also deal with other topics ranging from economic espionage to helpful tips on preparing for short/long term stays.


This training has been used by numerous Canadian, American and European companies as a refresher for staff and management or as an introduction preparing for the first visit. Developed by Bruce Hoggard, the material has been used at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), Graduate Business School St. Gallen (KS GBS) (Switzerland), AssumptionUniversity (Thailand) and PolytechnicUniversity (Hong Kong).


All participants receive their own printed and bound copy of the seminar, as well as the accompanying resource materials so they can review the material prior to departing, while in the plane or in the foreign country.


The seminar is also an excellent way to train non-traveling personnel who come in contact with your foreign buyers when they come to visit your company. As companies have discovered, some times to late, your Company is only as strong as its weakest cultural link.


Whether as a refresher or in preparation for that first visit to the market, the Hoggard International's interactive seminars provide participants with an enjoyable and educational experience they will talk about for months to come


To arrange for your Company's training needs contact Bruce Hoggard at bhoggard@shaw.ca