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International Market Entry and Business Development


Company Readiness Assessment

An important key to international business success is understanding the abilities and capabilities of your Company's management and staff, and its products in comparison to the markets being considered. Answering the questions; “Are we ready?” “How do we get ready?” and, “What does this mean?” is where Hoggard International's Readiness Assessment program plays a valuable role in your Company's overall international business strategy. And even more important, the report is totally confidential.


Recognized by financial lenders as an independent international review and assessment, Hoggard International's program helps your Company answer the difficult questions regarding international growth while determining if your Company is prepared to take on the challenges.


Hoggard international's experienced staff review six areas during the two day assessment with each area providing insight into your Company's ability, its products and markets, and the commitment of management, board members and owners to the international market place. Combined these factors indicate your Company's likelihood of succeeding in the international market.


The assessment and supporting documentation provide a snapshot of your Company, indicating the areas of strength and areas where ongoing work may need to be an integral part of the international process. Weaknesses by themselves are not detrimental to your Company's international venture if your management is prepared to address and deal with the short comings.