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International Business Plans

The key to global business success is a well developed and researched international business plan and market entry strategy, including at least one or two market visit.


Hoggard International's award winning international business plan format, with its research approach and practical entry strategies, assist clients in successfully developing their international markets. Unique from ordinary domestic business plans, a Hoggard International Business Plan incorporates special features crucial and fundamental to international business success.


Because of its unique sequence in the international market development process, the creation of your Company's business plan is a combination of efforts throughout the international market development process. It is continually updated as new information is discovered and incorporated therefore remaining current. Hoggard International plays an active role in assisting with the plan's development, writing and completion.


Maintaining the strictest confidence, a Hoggard International Business Plan provides your Company with these other benefits:

Greater understanding and appreciation of the market

Significance of your Company's and the industry's influence within the countries and region

Profiles of the industry and country, providing valuable information for strategic and tactical direction

Allow management to concentrate its efforts on a few select countries, or regions within the countries, providing better defined and qualified opportunities

Increases the understanding of the negotiation tactics and the manner in which business is done in the selected markets

Individualized international business and entry strategies designed to increase sales and move towards the creation of greater wealth


To discuss your Company's international roadmap to lead you to business success contact Bruce Hoggard at bruce@hoggardinternational.com