Hoggard International

International Market Entry and Business Development



Professional Team Members

Paul Zhang

Based in Shanghai, Paul is the Senior Executive Assistant to Hoggard International's President and CEO. With tremendous knowledge and experience in the import and export business, and the manufacturing and service industries, Paul is a valuable member of the Hoggard International team with his extensive personal and business networks providing contacts throughout China.

Fluent in English, Paul provides the necessary translation and cultural skills when working in Shanghai and throughout China. He assists with negotiations and preliminary market development ensure that the client is receiving some of the best services available to any company entering the Shanghai and Chinese market.

Sjoerd Bleijerveld

                                     Based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Sjoerd enhance in his role as 

                                     European Development Manager our services towards clients with his

                                     strengths in marketing, project and process management, his analytic

                                     powers and creativity and his experiences in profit- and non-profit


                                     Sjoerd has worked in the agricultural, environmental, tourism

                                     and banking sector.

                                     Sjoerd is also an entrepreneur. He experienced all the aspects of

                                     establish and extend a company himself.

                                     Fluent in English, German and Dutch and familiar and understanding

                                     the diversity in culture of the countries in Europe, Sjoerd is able to get a

                                     good picture of the needs of our clients and the way to fulfill these


                                     He assists President and CEO Bruce Hoggard in determining new

                                    markets for our clients and in supporting clients to increase their sales.