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Trade Shows

With its award winning market development process and confidential Trade Show Reports, Hoggard International deliveries current and timely information. These two factors are integral and crucial to any international business success. As a service, Hoggard International attends the specified Trade Show and then provides a valuable market report covering the show and any accompanying meetings.


Being a year or even a month behind, waiting until information is published in Government reports or trade journals can result in lost opportunity. Our attendance at a show and the accompanying meetings allow Hoggard International to confirm and collect new, specific information and note trends while increasing and developing valuable contacts and market inroads.


Maintaining strict confidence, the Trade Show Report allows your Company to secure crucial information on the market and competitors. The information highlights the newest trends and market direction and reviews meetings held with potential business partners. These extensive Show Reports are extremely valuable in determining future strategy. In addition to the Trade Show, primary research is also completed within the market.


All the information is captured and categorized into an action plan explaining what further actions or follow-up are required. If meetings can not be arranged, the report lists all pre-qualify and potential foreign trade partners matching your Company's international strategy.


When incorporated into your development strategy, the Hoggard Trade Show Report is a valuable market tool helping to develop and make sound international business decisions.

The confidential Hoggard International Trade Show reports  include:

·       Review current market conditions

·       Trends in the industry and market

·       Potential for your product(s)

·       Retail prices and locations of similar products through store visits

·       Competition at the show or in the market

·       Review of show and seminars

·       Samples, where possible

·       Feasibility of and logistics of expanding into the market

As the CEO and President of an organic food company in Australia said, "Given I can't even get my airfare to Japan or London for the price of the reports, it makes perfectly good sense."

Knowledge and information are the competitive tools of the new global market place.

Rely on a Hoggard's Trade Show Report for timely and relevant information, and a competitive advantage. Contact us today.


If your Company is considering expanding internationally, deciding on what market to approach and with what products or seeking financing to fund the present and/or future international market development and expansion, then Hoggard International's Readiness Assessment should be one of the tools in your portfolio.


For more information contact Bruce Hoggard at bhoggard@shaw.ca